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Short History of INNSE  
  • In 1933 the private Company Innocenti is setup in Milano as General Company for the Metallurgical Industry.

  • In 1950 INNOCENTI organizes its production over three manufacturing divisions: mechanical, scooters and cars.

  • In 1972 Innocenti family decides to sell the complete Company: the mechanical division enters into the IRI Group (property of Italian Government) and changes its name into INNSE INNOCENTI SANTEUSTACCHIO.

  • In 1985 INNSE becomes part of ITALIMPIANTI, always within the IRI Group.

  • In 1990 INNSE Innocenti Engineering is set-up for the engineering of metallurgical plants and presses leaving to INNSE Innocenti Santeustacchio all the manufacturing activities.

  • In 1996 the complete Italimpianti Group (including INNSE) is privatized and taken over by MANNESMANN DEMAG Group.

  • In 1999 INNSE becomes part of the newly formed market leader SMS Demag, a joint-venture between SMS Schloemann-Siemag and the Metallurgical Plant Division of Mannesmann Demag AG.

  • In July 2000 SMS Demag S.p.A. assigns the complex of activities for the metallurgical plant engineering and construction in the fields of steel making process equipment, continuous castings, hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, strip processing lines, tube rolling mills and presses to SMS Demag INNSE S.p.A.

  • In April 2009, renaming of SMS Demag INNSE S.p.A. in SMS INNSE S.p.A.
1962 - Checking of the Lambrettas
that have come off the assembly line

1964 - Fitting and finishing line of the IM3

1965 - An INNOCENTI C.W.B.
milling and boring machine